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Once moulded, the artefact is, if necessary, assembled, customised, packaged and weighed using an electronic microprocessor piece-counter. A printed label that indicates the weight is then applied. The boxes are then stored in the warehouse ready for delivery with our vehicles. That’s how we ensure a quick and flexible service.

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pad printing

MACCHI PLAST carries out pad printing on tech and advertising items made with plastic (nylon, abs, polycarbonate), ferrous material, wood, paper, painted material and glass.

Besides ensuring quality moulding, we carry out ink adhesion tests and resistance tests to petrol and alcohol and print adhesion tests.
We also create films, engrave photopolymer clichés, manufacture jigs inhouse, thus ensuring a customised and complete service.

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thermal transfer

A marker is a thermal-transfer printer used to encode industrial products.
This innovative method ensures the advantages of the thermal-transfer technology and allows printing on rigid surfaces, porous materials or irregular surfaces in the production or packaging lines.
It’s ideal for marking items with frequent text variation, progressive numbering, QR codes, Barcodes or anti-counterfeiting.

Moreover, production times are reduced:

  • The writing is immediately ready. You don’t have to wait for it to dry;
  • Direct marking on the production line;
  • Printing without clichés. This way, you’ll save time and money;
  • Immediate colour change, without cleaning with solvents;
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post-moulding humidification

The humidification process allows for polyamide plastic artefacts to gain elasticity and resistance. This way, the item has the correct percentage of humidity and is immediately ready for use, without risks of breakage, while reducing stockpiles.

The humidification process is divided into three stages:

  • The first stage consists in pre-heating the material to increase permeability
  • The next stage is humidification, during which the item is kept under pre-set thermo-hygrometric conditions (from 1 to 24 hours) and absorbs humidity. 
  • The third stage is when the item is cooled and dried for aesthetic purposes and to obtain a dry workpiece, at least on the surface.

The humidification stage is documented by a print, including the various processing stages. In this case, we attach the prospect that includes the times, temperature and humidity reached.

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our commitment towards the environment

To improve our commitment towards a sustainable environment, we have:

  • reduced energy needs
  • used raw materials with reduced carbon footprint.

Our power generation system with photovoltaic cells covers part of our energy needs and reduces our environmental impact.

Photovoltaic panels are integrated into the roof of the new headquarters in Locate Varesino. Below the technical data:

  • system power: 26,160 KWp
  • annual production: 31,000 KWp
  • CO2 emission reduction: 567 tons

Our latest investments have been focused on machinery that reduces consumption considerably.
Numerous assessment tests on new materials have been carried out inhouse to identify the best offering for our clients.